85mic Orange Peel Blowing In-Mold Label



Product Name:85mic Orange Peel Blowing In-Mold Label

Composition:95mic Glossy White PP Face Film With Top Coating/Resin Adhesive

Roll Size:500mm*6000m or customized


Quantitative : 75±3 g/㎡

Thickness : 85±3 um

Weight : >80 %

Opacity : >85 %

Surface Tension : >40 Dyn/cm

Tensile strength :  Vertical:>50 MPa       Horizontal:>100 MPa

Heat Shrinkage :  Vertical:≤3        Horizontal:≤2


Printability:Suitable for flexography, screen, offset and UV inkjet printing methods, etc.

Application:Packing containers for beauty products, hair products, medicine & heath care products, food & beverage products,Oil and other powder, liquid industrial products.

Shelf Life:From date of manufacture: 12 months,the best storage conditions are temperature 23±5℃, humidity 65±5%.Prolonged storage at higher temperatures and/or humidity levels will shorten the shelf life.


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