70g Top Thermal Paper Label-Low Temperature Adhesive



Product Name: 70g Top Thermal Paper Label

Facestock:70g Top Thermal Paper

Adhesive: Low Temperature Adhesive

Liner:60g White Glassine Paper

Roll Size:1070mm*2000m/3000m or customized


Whiteness: ≥80

Chromogenic Optical Density : ≥1.00

Water-proof performance: ≥70

Oil-proof performance: ≥70

Anti plasticizer:≥70

Looptack: 14N/25mm

90°Peeling Adhesion-20minutes: 9N/25mm

90°Peeling Adhesion-24 hours: 10N/25mm

Release Force: 10 – 25 gf/50mm

Minimum Labeling Temperature:-5℃

Operating Temperature:-10℃~70℃

Printability: It is suitable for most printing methods, like flexo, offset, gravure, UV, letter press, thermal transfer, silk screen printing and etc.

Application:The product uses a smooth and bright white paper with top thermal coating which can resistant water,oil and plasticizer,and can resistant scratch and weather.It has good performance for thermal image preservation and BPA Free. It is suitable for frozen storage, supermarket frozen products like frozen meat,sea food etc.

Shelf Life:From date of manufacture: 12 months,the best storage conditions are temperature 23
±5℃, humidity 65±5%.Prolonged storage at higher temperatures and/or humidity levels will shorten the shelf life.


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