90g Glossy White Inkjet Paper label-Hot-Melt Adhesive



Product Name:90g Glossy White Inkjet Paper label

Facestock: 90g Glossy White Inket Paper

Adhesive:Hot-Melt Adhesive

Liner:80g White Glassine Paper

Roll Size:1070mm*1000m/2000m or customized



90° Peel Strength-20min:8N/25mm

90° Peel Strength-24hours:9N/25mm

Minimum Labeling Temperature:5℃

Operating Temperature:-20℃~70℃

Printability: Suitable for digital inkjet printing, Compatible ink of pigment and dye. Good color reducibility.

Application:Mainly used for not only by the small Format Desktop Inkjet and Industrial Inkjet Printing Press but also for the indoor or outdoor large format inkjet printing.

Shelf Life:From date of manufacture: 12 months,the best storage conditions are temperature 23±5℃, humidity 65±5%.Prolonged storage at higher temperatures and/or humidity levels will shorten the shelf life.


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